Retour aux Etats-Unis après deux ans and arrival en Ecuador

Je n’avais pas mis les pieds aux Etats-Unis depuis mon départ pour la Chine et son “staging” à San Francisco. Cette fois-ci, c’était à Dallas. Jamais mis les pieds là-bas mais moins de 48h et j’étais sûre d’être bien en Amérique, comme dans les films. Hôtel attaché à un “mall” géant, quasiment pas de trottoirs, encore moins de piétons, des restaurants à Burgers à n’en plus finir. Avec le décalage dans la tête, levée à 6h du matin, errance dans le mall (qui avait une patinoire au rez-de-chaussée!). J’ai bien aimé les petits vieux en jogging qui faisaient de la marche rapide indoors.

Cela dit, the coolest part a été de voir K., fellow China RPCV, à l’aéroport de Dallas, puis de passer la soirée avec elle, derniers sushis avant un bail, de parler du bon vieux temps sauce chinoise. Côté rassurant de voir que je ne suis pas complètement folle de faire un round 2. Yay for the China RPCV network!
Après ça, départ pour Quito via Miami.

Jumping on traveling details, here I am in Tumbaco, Peace Corps Ecuador’s training center, about 50 minutes away from Quito. A former school, with playground, soccer field, 12 bed rooms, looks like camp, looks nothing like PC China PST!
Small group (37), the eldest PCT is 37 (I think), 3 married couples, and at least 10 PCT who just graduated. So different from the retired couples and experienced teachers or transfers in China.
I am the only RPCV on a round 2. So that makes me feel old… I guess?
I suppose I was expecting to see a few “transfers” because China had so many. Guess I was wrong.

PC Ecuador is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, but we, “Omnibus 107”, are the second TEFL Teacher Trainer group. It seems like most of us will co-teach in high school, and the main thing is to train the teachers by co-teaching and co-planning. A tiny handful of us will be at universities. Not sure exactly what the job will be in that case.

It’s been raining a lot but we managed to get out for a walk and the light was gorgeous. Grey clouds behind blue sky, orange flowers, cacti and zillions of street dogs. I’m seriously not the biggest fan of dogs so I hope I don’t get nicknamed “the gringa that doesn’t like dogs” (I do seem to be the only one, as everyone else is talking about adopting puppies as soon as they see one.
One thing I like way better than at China PST is the weather, the fresh air, the absence of mosquitoes, the fact that I can wear a scarf and I’m not sweating like an animal from morning to evening. It feels nice.

Bleh, I guess I don’t have too much to say for now, but just wanted to say hello and I’m alive.

I think I’ve been a bit knocked down by the altitude and the jetlag, going to bed at 9pm and waking up before 7 every day.
So hasta luego y muchos besos


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