Mi casita

The internet didn’t work for a couple of days because Santiagito (2 1/2) had unplugged something and the rest of the family thought the internet didn’t work because it had rained… Now it’s back!

View from the terrasse

We’re already very busy with training.
Typical day:

alarm clock rings at 6:20am, shower, “el cafécito esta listo!” call, go to the corner of the street to catch the 7:25 bus to the Training Center – picture a Chinese bus at rush hour, double the number of people. There you go.  – Sessions from 8am to 5pm with a one hour lunch break (the usual stuff: the expectations from Peace Corps, Diarrea talks – they did not show us the worms this time, sweet but we’ll have the pleasure of a mid-service mifkit in addition to the end of service one – well if you’re reading this blog you want details about my life in Ecuador. Here they are. Lo siento., Spanish, TEFL…)

Bus back to the house, lunch around 6 or 7pm, then the youngsters come and we play cards (they have decided to try and beat me at Egyptian war pero no es posible) or watch a movie or tonight we played “au petit bac” for like 2 hours. It was fun and it’s excellent para mi espanol. So todo bien.

In the family, we eat with one spoon in the right hand and that’s eat, or rather the left hand for meat. I’m pretty excited because we can actually find hand sanitizer everywhere here (and if you know me for someone anal like me it’s pretty important)

Last night Luz came up with a big plate of spaghetti with a side dish of …. rice. I really wonder if the combo -rice, yucca, potatoes, plantains is going to be lighter than the French food I’ve been swallowing lately….

I convinced her that juice in the evening won’t hurt my stomach. So I had goyave juice tonight, and will get other juices every morning as well as at lunch time. Happy Mathildé.

Last night, also, I bought a dvd, because I saw it in a shop and I was told it’s great. “Las Acacias.”

I was very excited and told my host family we should watch it together because it’s in Spanish and I was told it’s really good. So here we go, watching las acacias. A 1h road trip in Argentina, where you follow a truck driver who doesn’t talk and who’s agreed to drive a young woman and her baby, who doesn’t talk either (but cries) to the other side of the country. 1h.

Luz: “no se hablan?”

Yuly. “no, no se hablan. Es muy facil para Mathilde!”

Estefanie: falls asleep after 5 minutes.

We finish the movie, Yuly is laughing her ass off, Estefanie wakes up, Luz is very happy because she doesn’t like action and horror movies, those that Yuly usually watches.

I didn’t learn from my mistakes in China: Chinese people didn’t care about independant Chinese movies that were slow and depressing.
Well, Ecuadorian people don’t care about independant Argentinian movies that have pretty landscapes but where nothing happens.

I had a TEFL manager interview as well as a Spanish language proficiency exam. It’s pretty weird because I understand EVERYTHING but really need to work on grammar. I’m not afraid of speaking and can generally get myself understood but it comes out all poorly. I guess the important thing is I can communicate. I just need to work on polishing. Since the PC will give us 3 different books that should be doable.

I learnt that I’m going to be in a highschool, not a university. This will require some adjustment because I’ve never taught kids. The idea is to take the first 3 months to get to know the teachers, see which ones are motivated, pick 4 with which we’ll co-teach and co-plan. During training, we’ll be exposed to all grades and ages for kids, so that we can see which classes we like better. To be honest I’m still confused with what 1st grade means so if you can translate that for me that’d be cool. I have a feeling I’ll do better with older kids. Not sure why.

Oh, this this has become a random thoughts /description post, I have to say that the weather here is pretty fantastic: chilly in the mornings and evening, but really sunny, with the type of sun that requires sunglasses and warms your skin up in a nice way from noon to 3pm, usually. No sweating, no freezing, perfect. And a bunch of rain here and there. I do like it.

Besos a todos and happy Chinese New Year (late) of the Dragon.




  1. I love it. I love the photos. I like the food. I love the argentinian movie. I d be weel trained to teach in the High School. All pretty well. I love speaking bad spanish. Vaca espanola! Biz

  2. It’s almost 10:00pm in Chicago Enjoy

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