Whoops, I put the photos in the wrong post.

Catching up on blogs typed over the week-end, so the photos from the previous posts are supposed to go with this below.

Bleh, you’re smart, you had figured it out.

Domingo, 29 de Enero 2012

This morning we went to “el campo”. José drove the old car, which really reminded of “la jeep”, for about 30 minutes and we ended up at the field where the family owns cuyes, chickens, ducks, pigs, and banana trees, avocado trees, sweet lemons. It was neat to get out of town. Then compulsory dance lesson in the living room, the room I hadn’t entered since I arrived here. The room for special occasions, I guess? Where the Paris calendar I gave the family is, where we can see photos of José in the military, José and Luz as a young married couple, the 40 year wedding anniversary certificate, and even Peace Corps books from the previous volunteers. Estephanie, a cousin called Elisabeth and Lisette insisted on teaching me Bachata and salsa steps, and a little bit of reggaeton. Not fin cuz I freakin can’t move my hips. E, the cousin, less than 14 and HUGE breasts started moving it up with the reggaeton and thank god I was already flashy red from the sunburn cuz I surely blushed when she attempted at convincing to try. No way!
Well I guess I’ll have those lessons on a regular basis and maybe in 2 months I’ll be able to move my hips. A little.



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  1. Yeaahhhh! Quiero bailar salsa contigo!

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