Ecuadorian surprises after China. + leaving my mark en la casa de la cultura. Classy.

El 3 de febrero, 2012

Yesterday was the first time we went to Quito. 1 bus, one transfer and one Trolebus later, we were at the PC Office. It is so massively bigger than the one in China!

Stuff I would have NEVER imagined:

1) I eat more rice here than in China
2) The buses are more crowded than in China


The highlight of the day though was going to la Catolica (one of the major universities in the city) and getting to talk to JC, a teacher from the foreign language department who taught in the one Guarani school in the Guarani reserve in the Amazon for 6 or 7 years. He speaks Quechua, and was thrilled to show us tons of pictures of people from that community (with big massive holes in the ears), showing and explaining how they hunt (monkeys, boas, caimans) and live. He had a whole set of Guarani ornaments and weapons and bags made of fibers and demonstrated everything. It was pretty wonderful to get to hear the enthusiastic narration of the guy.

The other highlight was… suprise. food.
I got to tru my first Ecuadorian ceviche (mixto, fish, shrimps and seashell type of animals). I should not say this so bluntly because the (majority of) Ecuadorians likes the Peruvians about as much as the (majority) of Froggies like the Roastbeef (me not included, my little Brit/French cousins are way cuter than yours) BUT I really prefer the Peruvian ceviche. I was later told that the Ecuadorian one is actually cooked and thus has way less of that delicious limey taste mixed with onions and peppers. Too bad. I mean, I’ll still have that again but I might spend the $8 in sashimi next time if that’s possible. Shall see.

Well. El 4 de febrero.
No sushi. instead, I left my mark at the door of the Casa de la Cultura’s bathroom, because I didn’t run fast enough to vomit my entire lunch…. Fun fun altitude sickness + disgusting hot dog combo. I knew I should have stuck to rice….
En in the end I did not see la Casa de la Cultura either. Well, I’m not the biggest fan of prehistoric time/clay pot and stuff museum. I know it’s bad but that’s how it is. I prefer contemporary history.
My Ecuadorian mum cooked guinea pig for me tonight…. She was super disappointed hearing I was sick and insisted I try. So I’ll have the smallest guinea pig bite and pray before going to bed.

Have a great week-end ya’ all.
Oh,and crazy coincidence: turns out I share a common friend with another PCV Ecuador!




  1. Alors, ça a quel goût ??

    • Quoi? le hot dog? ou le riz? 🙂

      • Le cochon d’Inde ! Mes collègues colombiens m’en avaient déjà parlé, mais je suis curieux de savoir quel goût ça a.

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