Chinese vs Ecuadorian culture

El 6 de febrero, 2012

Bus conversation.

The more we hear about culture, the more Chinese and Ecuadorian cultures seem similar.

The concept of (saving) face.
The indirectness.

The family.
Being all touchy touchy, women grabbing women’s arms to caminar.

Washing your underwear separate from the rest.

Then on the bus to Quito, I had a nice long chat with a woman about society pressure for women, the urge to get married before 30, the stigma of divorce.
How she was told by her relatives that “she needed to marry a man to represent her (because her mother had passed away) and how she wanted to shout that she could represent herself and didn’t need a man.
How she married a divorced man and is not separated but not divorced because a second divorce would ruin his social status.
She also explained how she’s proud of her family because women after her followed her example and studied at university, when at first everyone pointed at her saying she was insane and didn’t need to study but get married instead.
I’m glad that on week 2, my Spanish is strong enough to sustain such conversation, yay!



  1. Querida Mathilde: Para mejorar tu español podrías empezar por escribir algo de tu blog en español. ¡Seguro que mejoraría muchísimo! Desde París te seguimos de cerca. Cuando vuelvas, tendremos que ir a bailar al qué bueno, qué rico, qué lindo, París latino.

    • Ah, si Juan, es seguro que mi espanol va a mejorar bastante rapidamente. Tengo clases de espanol mas o menos quatro horas cada dia, y despus el centro de desarollo, tengo que hablar con mi familia enfitriona! Pero bailar… no se si nunca voy a aprender realemente. Tu es un maestro de reggaeton? 🙂

  2. Oh, and do you have a Spanish nom?

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