Week 3 of training life.

El 11 de Febrero

Speaking French makes up for lonely gigglings in various places:
Seen on a menu in a restaurant:

-“PQ” multiple times.

-Passing a restaurant whose name included a brand shiny “GASTRO”

The bus is quite the experience here, and eventhough we’ve been informed multiple times by PC that we really have to wear new neat ironed clothes and shower everyday because that’s what Ecuadorian do, well, forget about that in the bus. It’s sweaty smelly, crowded, not fun.
The only fun part is seeing the “chofer soltero” sign above the driver’s seat each time.

PST in China was long, tedious, because of the weather and the language. The hot humid really tiring weather.  The super difficult infamous Mandarin. I didn’t realize that living in a host family that included a mum and a grand-ma was big luck for me. I’m just not really into kids. Or dogs. Or both.
And those surround me and jump on me (literally, I get leg hugs daily) whenever I come back from the training center, and it’s weighting on me. As, literally, are the pounds of yucca and potatoes and rice I get fed everyday. I want to cook for myself but it isn’t really appropriate and if I cook for everyone it means I cook for 12 people. And I have nor the budget nor the energy to do that, nor maybe… the will. So I guess I’m party the one to blame…. Oh well. I just need to get through PST and start to get stuff done and integration done and I think I’ll be slightly more enthusiastic about this whole second round…. It seems tedious to do the whole integration thing here (I’m saying this but I do spend at least 3 hours in the living room every single day, which I certainly didn’t do at home before coming here….) knowing that I’ll go to the South of the country in April anyway…. And will have to start all over again….

Anyway. That’s it for the crying.
The weather is is way lovelier here than in China, the food… less (both exciting and lovelier, especially since I learnt yesterday that  these fresh fruit juices I love come with about 10 spoonfull of sugar….).
But there is a sushi restaurant so when I have the “what the hell am I doing here?” feeling, I’ll just spend my living allowance in sushi. It’s just healthier than beer, what can I say?

Anyway. Today we walked to the cross of Ilalo, which was a volcano. It was a two hour walk up, not too hot nor cold, perfect. We walked down and then had…. a pic nic in the jeep. Not sure why but we did.

I will be on a tech trip for a week, looking forward to escaping the training center, eventhough I’m a bit anxious about the amount of stress and work that comes with co-planning with people who don’t know why the hell you’re there for just a few days….

I was happy to feel no stress for our first “teaching practice” (ok, it was a 10 min activity about Australia, but still!).

Other random note: my first tourist (and am sure not the last, they have a million different scarves here and I am French after all, so I have no choice but to buy a bunch and wear a different one every day, duh) purchase was a chess game:
instead of black and white, you have the conquistadores and the indegeneous players. I kicked my host sister’s butt three times in a row (but it was while the cake I had baked FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY was in the oven, so that’s fair) and… it kind of felt good. I can’t help it, I do love to win playing games.

I guess that’s all for ahora.
Muchos besos a todos.


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  1. Que bueno! Me gusta tu historia. Que le vaya bien…
    Hasta pronto !

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