My new soon-to-be-home…

Site assignment day was on Thursday…

And guess what? I got the freakin’ jackpot!

Cuenca, Azuay.
Aka, third biggest city in Ecuador, about 400 000 (weirdly enough that will be the smallest city I’ll have lived in), the entire city is a UNESCO world heritage place…

I’ll be working at the Colegio Nacional Daniel Cordova, where some English teachers also teach at the University, so lots of project possibilities. I’m excited.

It’ll be a challenge because it’s a strategic PC placement with a lot of expectations, teachers with years of experience who might (will) be real hard to co-teach with. Patience is will be golden.

4 hours away from the coast and my fellow TEFL volunteers, awesome cluster, 4 hours away from Guayaquil, 10 from Quito.

I am stocked.

Site visit to come, more later, and my own photos soon cuz I don’t like the ones on the internet.

In the meanwhile here:




  1. Trop bien!!!

  2. Trop bien!

  3. Heck yeah!

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