La Finca – San Miguel de los Bancos

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about 3 weeks ago, my host mum and I finally got to go to the finca, the farm they have in San Miguel de los Bancos, about 2 hours away from Quito. Because it´s less high than Quito, the climate is drastically different. That means mainly: hot and sweaty, aka the biggest cockroaches I´ve seen in my life hanging out on the kitchen wall ” oh they don´t sting don´t worry!” and in the bathroor, and after 3pm constant rain til nighttime. And by rain I mean massive amounts of rain so that the water would not even penetrate the earth,

So what did we do?

Well, I worked well into my 800 page Indian novel, went to bed at 7pm and 6pm, which felt actually real good, we visited the town, ate choco bananas, visited an orchid farm but lamentablamente the flowers weren´t bloomed yet, went to the rio and discussed with the neighbor who was basically taking her bath in the rio right in front of her (awkward awkward)

But the best part was getting to talk to the neighbors.

The two 12 and 14 year old girls who had one and two babies….

The compañera who explained that she was a single mum at 20, got married at 30, explained for about 30 min that life is hard for Ecuadorian women, and that girls get pregnant too fast, told me story of a French woman who was a volunteer there and fell in love with a borracho who followed her to France for the papers and dumped her. After all this, she asked me: “so will you get married to an Ecuadorian?”

She did make it so appealing!

The comañero talked about this foundation whose funds are misused, where the money sent by Europeans to support a child in his education goes to the foundation and the kid only gets useless gifts….

I came back to Tumbaco with yet another Ecuadorian reality check.

Each time I get to go somewhere else in this country, I am amazed by the colors of the sky and the flowers and how green it is. Weirdly enough, each time I realize this, I think of yellow dusty Gansu….



  1. Las flores son increíbles! Y quiero probar una choco banana! Que es? Besitos y un abrazo muy fuerte!

    • ¡Si ! ¡ Ecuador es el pulmon de la tierra querido ! Ven visitarme !
      Choco bananas son bananas dipped in chocolate and then frozen. Deelicious !
      Te extraño mucho pengyou!

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