So before talking to the rector, booking the video projector room by writing my name and signing on the official registrar for every single booked day, and all the 100 steps in between, I sat down with my 5 English teachers and asked them when they were free from 1 to 3pm for the film club. X. told me she could only on Monday, and P. told me he could only on Thursday. So I decided to show the movie one week on Monday and the following one on Thursday, so that each teacher gets to see at least a film every other week. Comes Thursday. I tell the teachers to be on time at 1pm sharp about a hundred time because the film is 1h58 min long. At 12:55, I go to the projector room, and see that an entire class, with their teacher, is there watching some course related video. I go to the projector lady and inquire. ” Oh, that´s my fault, I had forgotten about the film club!” When the teachers arrive we will stop their video and start.
The first two teachers come at 1:15, they were talking to padres de familia. I call P., with whom I had had lunch until I had left to prepare for the film at 12:55. ” I´m in the inspector´s office, I need to ask permission to miss class for the film.” TO MISS CLASS????
The very same P. left at 2:45pm because he teaches at another school.

Then the kids. I showed a movie on Friday. About 45 came. I had explained that this was voluntary so I was happily surprised when 45 kids showed up!
But turned out that half of them were talking, fighting while the other half was watching the movie. Why the hell would they come if they don´t want to be there?
I guess I´m having difficulties working with young kids who have a shorter attention spam that what I am used to with American and Chinese college kids…
So we shall see. I´ll keep showing the movies until June and if it turns out that it´s not so positive, I might just try and find secondary projects outside of school, At the university could be one since my host dad works there….

But going back to Cajas today was a good therapy for the frustrations. I guess I´m just comparing my Chinese college students and these younger Ecuadorian middle school kids and I shouldn´t do that….
Ha, human nature !

Machismo has been frustrating too. I haven´t felt it towards me (yet) but seeing the wife in the kitchen doing EVERYTHING while the husband sits at the kitchen table and reads the newspaper is QUITE irritating. I guess the fact that the husband is super cultivated, has travelled a lot (U.S. included) makes the atter worst.  Seeing everyone leave the kitchen on Sunday after lunch, leaving the mum there is also frustrating. Seeing her bring popcorn to the 24 year old son, in his room, while he watches a movie… well you can finish the sentence. I do help as I can but I feel it would be so much more beneficial if I were a guy doing his own laundry, cooking for himself, cleaning after himself…




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