Dia de los padres and other lovely times.

So, that was scary.
Last week of course a bunch of courses were cancelled because it was parent-teacher day.
I hang around and waited to get lunch with my two favorite teachers. One arrived late to our weekly meeting, super upset because a mother had basically accused her of racism because she had written that her son had missed class 20 times. She explained that her son had missed class 20 times and that she had reported it every time to the inspector, and that it had nothing to do with the fact that his black. Then as we left, my other favorite teacher (they´re my two favs because they actually do care about their students and prepare for class, get upset when class is cancelled 5 minutes before class for a soccer match – every week or so) who was to gve me a ride home told me she had to go and see the inspectora because she was crying because of what some parents had said to her….
The next following days, several times, as we were in class, a random parent would knock at the door and tell the teacher ” I need to talk to you about my son”

Alternative craziness:
One of my teachers is super proud because he taught a prayer in English to his students. Every class, he gets a volunteer up front and asks him to lead that very prayer. I can´t tell you which one it is cuz they all just mumble but I hear the “tresspass” thingy and see them do the cross sign.
The very same teacher had the brilliant idea to include me in his Jesus called me at 8:23am – against the Muslims who beat up their wives- chain email. Yuck.
How appropriate of a mail from colleague to colleague huh?

Good things: I´ve been hanging out with my favorite teachers a lot, one of them showed me a super good coffee shop with delicious meat empanadas, and the very same got a scholarship to spend 3 months of training in the U.S. this Summer. The only down side is I was totally going to ask her to come to reconnect conference in Quito with me in August….
I might go to Cajas for some athletic trout fishing (??? pesca deportiva) with two of my teachers this Saturday.
I have accumulated enough points on my movie card to get the discounds,
I tried a French cafe and it was good but expensive so I can just make crepes with melted camembert in it by myself and be in French food bliss by myself.
My host sister invited me to go out tonight. I said yes eventhough I have class tomorrow cuz, well, it sounds fun and if she´s the only Ecuadorian person more or  less my age I can hang out with I´m not going to say no.
I did talk in French with an Ecuadorian dude who had lived in Quebec for 11 years and it was awesome: Ecuadorian accent +French Canadian accent = jackpot.
I spent a really fun day with the host fam on Sunday, going to Paute-Gualaceo-Chordeleg, walking around, eating BBQ, and just looking at the green mountains, basically.

Now I have to work on my survey and it doesn´t really please me cuz I don´t want to take the time from class but don´t really have a choice.

The observation of class grace period is over but we basically have 10 more days of class. I guess I can keep it cool and not get mad when one teacher tells me literally 5 minutes before class he wants me to help him grade the students “play” that they didn´t prepare anyway and for which he doesn´t evem have a rubric. I might have come out to strong saying that this was a great activity but that both the students AND the teachers need to prep work for this to turn out well. What the hell? He doesn´t even know the names of the kids and wants to give them group grades when one kid does all the work in each group?



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