Growing up in cities…

you learn

a) to walk fast and slalom between people (two fellow PCVs tell me I run everywhere I go, so I guess I am secretely very athletic? woop woop)


b) to avoid various things on the pavement. Various things? Yep, depending on the country, you´ll find different things you don´t want to step in:

-Paris: dog poop

-Lanzhou: (well, very cold Chinese cities of the North where people drink to keep warm and actually can´t really keep their alcohol): puddles of vomit

-Cuenca: massive dead cockroaches and semi-dead (really long) worms

Other countries, other discoveries?

Oh, so I walk to the bus stop at 7:15am every morning and it always put a smile on my face to see the tiny tiny kids being walked to school by their mums in traditional dresses. Fun.




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