Sick and living dangerously.

So 10 days ago I had a couple of nights with fever. I did what I usually do, that is went to bed at 8pm, hoping to sweat it away.

I did sweat it but not away. Fever turned into a massive sore throat, and just as I thought that was over, I invited a couple of friends for crepes , they brought wine, we played cards against humanity, really fun.

But the next morning I had a massive cold with headaches. So after 10 days of ups and downs I called the PC doctor who recommended antibiotics. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 15 years !

What are you doing to me, Ecuador !

And to make things worst my electric shower literally burnt and melted  – short circuit – and seeing the electric pannel – a plastic thingy all melted – really freaked me out.


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Really scary considering the fact that this thing was 20 cm away from the shower, on the wall.

As you can see, though, now it´s normal looking.

Being sick sucks ! I hate it with a passion.

It´s even harder when:

-you have to cancel all the seriously looked-forward to activities ( fishing in Cajas with colleagues, jazz concert with host sister)

-the host fam invites you to a massive family reunion (with music and dance and a million people who most likely will ask you how much you make and if you´re CIA) eventhough you look like shit so you have to justify yourself explaining resting is the only thing you want right now without offending them.

In the end it´s all good, here I am, just finished “Central Do Brasil”, moving on to “Tarnation” and my host mum brought me a plate of yummy food for lunch, which was extremely nice of her.

Now let´s hope those antibiotics work.

Next week is exam week, I need to figure out when to go to school because I´m tired of reading a book in the teachers´lounge because classes are cancelled and everyone is mad busy and stressed.

Hope you´re well.




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