Buenos Aires

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Yeah, so yesterday my colleague X. took me to Buenos Aires, Azuay. 20 min ride out of the city, a little parroquia. We went with her 9 year old son, to visit her cousin, who is also an English teacher. Her husband is an “agronomo” and cactus lover. He collects them and has 120 different kids. He sells them, along with millions of flowers from the two green houses. She gave me two, few things had made me so happy than a random Ecuadorian stranger giving me two cacti!

It was a wonderful day. Not an integration moment where you feel ” oh god I know I´m integrating but I am NOT having fun.”

It felt genuine. Like a genuine family having a conversation around a cafecito, caring for each other. Then we hiked up the hill, lots of those silver leaf-trees around, we passed the house of one cousin, another one, another one (one cousin is an architect, so if you ever want to settled down in Cuenca I totally recommend hitting him up!), the cancha on top of the hill… Gorgeous.

We were followed by two kids, Jhonathan and her super duper shy/cute sister Nicole. When we first met them, their face was covered in mud from playing outside. I asked if they´d mind if I took a photo, they got excited, took some shots, showed them, then we kept walking. They followed us, for more shots, but this time they had washed their faces to be all fancy.

Taking jumping pics with X., her family and little Nicole and Jhonathan really brought me back to Gannan, but this time I could actually understand what the kids were saying, cuz Spanish is kind of easier than Tibetan!



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