The one little victory.

Because I have a separate apartment above the host family´s house, I don´t see the family that often unless I make the effort to.
Poco a poco, I´ve started hanging out with my host mum because she´s there when I´m there, and, well, I realized living in a machismo society (errrr, family) she gets to work a lot on top of her own job, doing piles of dishes left in the sink by the sons, cooking for the next lunch, visiting her own mum etc. So I invited her once in a while for a cafécito in my apt, or initiate a movie vuelta. Somehow we always end up watching crappy hollywood stuff (aka, “the Avenger”, “Battleship”, something about the Titans. Perfect because I would hate watching those on a tiny computer screen but they quite entertaining on a big screen. My favorite so far was DEFINITIVELY “Battleship”, with the essence of Hollywood recipees: the Aliens, the love story between the rebel U.S. Marine  and the hot blond daughter of the super duper scary U.S. Commander – favorite scenes: when a bunch of old veterans in their 70ies come to start the U.S.Missouri ship out to fight the ultimate
fight, all this with ACDC type miusic. Precious)

Anyway, I digress.

Because I spend quite some time with her one on one, I inevitably end up talking about China a lot.
Please not that my host mum is VERY Cuencana and very traditional and that comes with common racism. So that´s why I titled this small victory.

Anyway the other day we visited her mum, and her brother or cousin or someone was there. Now that I have my mum´s trust and (highly important) respect, she always drops in the conversation: “she has dual citizenship, she has a Master´s degree, she taught at a university in China” after about 2 minutes. Still getting used to it. But anyway, this time like every other time, the conversation that followed was “oh, the Chinese… They eat everything that moves”
And to my amazing surprise, my host mum actually answered “no it´s not true, it really depends on where in China, they have many different customs.”
My jaws almost drop.

Not to be overly positive though (cuz, well, this is ONE moment in 2 months, but it´s a start!):
-I had someone telling me “oh, the Chinese, ching chong, Konichiwa! ”
Sourire crispé. “Konichiwa is not Chinese it´s Japanese”
-Another person, when I was talking about a friend who´s been sick, asked me “Esta rosadita (pinkish), amarillita (yellowish) o negrita (blackish)”?
I probably had a very confused expression on my face, and said “huh, I don´t know, like me?”
“oh, she´s pinkish them.”
-I was told not to go to the little tienda where this sweet woman sells fruit and always gives me la yapa (extra fruit, for good relations) because “she´s an indigenous woman”. Better to go to the mall. Sure. No problem. I´d be happy to.

Those little things, and all the insinuations about money, are really getting on my nerves.
Any advice for me? Besides becoming a yogi?




  1. Keep being your lovely, pinkish little self ;o)

    • Well unless I succomb to Chinese standards of beauty and get whitened OR get burnt by the Ecuadorian sun (I would add the reddish-lobsterish category) it won´t happen. Do not fear. 🙂

  2. You should probably start to do yoga. I’ll give free yoga classes on your terrace.

    • hahahah. Shall think about it. Seems like a good deal though, for sure !

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