A Very Ecuadorian Film Festival Première.

Yesterday was the première of the X (not porn, Xth, I got confused myself seeing all these posters with X all over them) International Festival de Cine de Cuenca.
“Be there at 6:45, the doors will close at 7pm”

At 7:15pm, the doors opened, and at 8pm, the first speakers started their speeches.

Nope, “Intouchables” wouldn´t really qualify as an independent film….
But whatever.

The première was “Nada Personal”. Apparently it came out like 10 years ago so I´m not sure why it was a première.
I thought it was pretty pretty pretty bad to say the least (kind of like Molière´s humor… So it would make 10 year olds laugh with its “humour à répétition”, easy sex and soccer jokes, double-entendre and all… I guess I´m an old blasé stuck-up…). But the most entertaining part was when the projector died because it was too hot (twice) and they decided to get two assistants to bend over the projection room balcony thingy and fan it with magazines for the rest of the screening to cool it down.

Thank god, to make up for the disappointing (to me at least!) movie, this hip hop singer Equis performed outside after the movie, and that was pretty sweet. Click here to check him out. His tight turquoise pants and fly shades were quite funky. And I saw my first firework castle ! Woop Woop!


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