To me stereotypes are super interesting because you can:

-see how people see you

-see how differently you see yourself (or not)

-laugh about yourself (obviously I never shower and use a lot of perfume to cover it up)

-learn about others´way of thinking

-The influence of media on them

-The media influence on yourself

So I did an activity with my teachers about stereotypes. And surprise surprise, a lot of the stereotypes Ecuadorians have of American people are different from the stereotypes my Chinese students had of Americans.

For Ecuadorians, ALL Americans are:

-on time
-individualistic  slash selfish
-do drugs
-cold. In bed too ! (yes yes, I was told in so many words)

According to my Chinese students, ALL Americans are:
-warm-hearted (gotta love that one, oh so Chinese)
-own a gun
-have a massive house
-have at least one car
-on time

I guess the stereotypes the Ecuadorians I asked have of Americans are related to Cuenca life. In the 70ies, 80ies, a lot of hippie backpackers who did drugs would travel in Ecuador. Now, you still have a bunch, but you add the retired gringos.
I was surprised about the absence of “all Americans have a gun” so I asked if they had ever heard this. I was answered “no! the old gringos here get robbed and they give everything right away, the people who rob them have guns !”

Funny how Americans are perceived as cold here (where latinos see themselves as sensitive/warm blooded) when they are perceived as warm-hearted in China, where Chinese people were taught, for political/historical reasons, not to show their feelings.

Because I like lists and, again, I have a love/hate relationship with stereoptypes (or I´m masochistic), I asked what stereotypes  Ecuadorians have of French people:

-dirty/smelly (because they have the best perfumes…)
-hard working

and of Chinese people:

-hardworking (seems like everyone but Ecuadorians is hardworking, if you ask Ecuadorians…. weird considering the fact that most people work two jobs or the almas de casa slave work 10 jobs at home)
-dedicated to their studies
-good with technology
-eat rice
-do yoga
-eat seafood (I WISH !)
– short
-ride bicycles
-good at ping-pong and kungfu.

And last but not least, stereotypes Ecuadorians have of Ecuadorians:

-like football
-family oriented
-like to drink
-always late
-good cooks
-macho/like macho men
-good housewives

That´s it-

Sorry for the nerdy list-making.
What are your stereotypes of

-French ?



  1. Just did this activity with my teachers today and it was super interesting… first time I heard that Americans are “simple” for example and their explanations were actually pretty fascinating.

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