Birthday in photos

It included:

-trucha in Cajas with my colleagues, the rector and school secretaries

-a walk to the Virgin Mary santuario in Cajas ( and a visit to JC)

-Too many canelasos with the same colleagues, rector and school secretaries

-a surprise cake/cafecito from my host mum who had invited my fellow PCVS C, N, and S as well (host sister made the cake, host sister in law made the pasta, and everyone gave me presents and cards !)

-Too many tequila shots and a Time´s up game in Spanish

-KTV with PCV pengyous and my host brother and his friend

-playing pool, ping pong, cards, chess, darts in the most gorgeous setting ever at this hostel in Vilcabamba ( I will have to hike next time, this time we wanted to be slugs and relax)

-eating French fresh baguette made by a French hippie who has settled in Vilca 16 years ago, (the baguette, not the French hippie) with smoked ham

-eating breakfast with a  view on the green valleys of Vilca

-swimming in the hostel pool

-walking to the village and taking it easy napping in hammocks

All in all, a pretty wicked birthday !

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